TBR, Truck&Bus tires.


General wheel position for urban road.
Suitable for passenger transport on the urban road surface.

Y999 Advantages

Long Mileage Solution
Optimize internal contour design to improve durability significantly.
High abrasion tread compound combined with deepened groove depth to enhance expected mileage markedly.

Low Failure Solution
Reinforced sidewall design to avoid external injury during urban transport.
Specially designed pattern grooves can effectively protect against stone embed and avoid early damage.

Transport Efficiency Solution
Multiple 3D sipes to provide excellent heat dissipation and drive stability
Optimize tread contour design is especially suitable for frequent swerve and brake.

Fleet Management Solution
General position design is easy for the regular switch and fleet management.
Reinforced chafer and professional bead to significantly improve body strength and rated capacity.

Y999 Parameter

PatternSizePRTT/TLRecommend Rim Permitted RimLI/SSSecond LI/SSMax. Load Capacity (KG)Max. Load Capacity (LBS) Max.Air Pressure (KPa) Max.Air Pressure (PSI) Tread Depth(mm)
Y99911R22.516TL8.257.50 148/145J151/148F3000/27256610/600583012021.5 
Y999275/70R22.518TL8.259.00 148/145J152/148F3150/29006940/639590013021.5

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