The black technology of tire enterprises will be fully popularized in 2030

Recently, foreign media reported on Goodyear’s major progress in tire research and development technology.

“By 2030, a fully airless tire will be on the market, which will be the first tire with 100% sustainable materials and maintenance-free,” Michael Rachita, senior program manager for non-pneumatic tires at Goodyear, said in a recent press release. “.

Goodyear airless tires have been used on a small scale

He went on to say that Goodyear has been testing its airless tires around the world, and the tires are already used in key locations, such as the delivery robot shuttle in Jacksonville, Florida.

“There is also a micro-delivery robot that can deliver small packages such as coffee,” Rachita added, noting that micro-delivery robots are widely used in the United States, the United Kingdom and Estonia.

But now, “we’re getting out of our proving grounds and bringing them to market”.

While the pneumatic tire market “isn’t going away anytime soon,” Goodyear said airless tires offer new opportunities, especially in a world where transportation technology is changing rapidly.

“As transportation is reimagined, it’s time to reimagine tires in a similar fashion,” Goodyear said, citing maintenance-free operation, increased heavy-duty comfort and reliability as benefits of airless tires.

In addition to Goodyear, other tire giants in the world are not idle in the research and development of airless tires.

Michelin black technology airless tires, which lasted 17 years

For example, as early as 2005, Michelin launched the airless tire Tweel. At the 2020 Munich International Motor Show, the Michelin Uptis airless tire made its public debut.

Based on all the feedback, the experience is claimed to be like driving on a regular set of tires. At present, Michelin has reached a strategic cooperation with General Motors and is expected to start commercial mass production in 2024.

Hankook Achieves Technological Breakthrough, HPS-Cell” Platform

In addition, at the recently held Cologne Tire Show, Hankook Tire’s i-Flex airless concept tire made its debut in Europe. The tire is 400mm in diameter, 105mm wide and measures 10 inches.

In order to further develop more advanced airless tires, Hankook has proposed a “HPS-Cell” platform based on H.E.M. (Hankook Electric Mobility Technology).

These giant tire companies are scrambling to develop airless tires, which means that there must be a market for airless tires in the future, and they will be popularized on a large scale.

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