Bridgestone provides special tires for the Tokyo Olympics vehicles!

In the past two days, the Tokyo Olympics are being held in full swing. The tire industry giant Bridgestone has been a partner of the Olympic Games for many years.

It is learned that this year Bridgestone will demonstrate its mission of “serving society with excellent quality”, providing products and services for the Olympics, and helping the Tokyo Olympics from July 21 to August to achieve safe, smooth and sustainable sports.

This time, about 3,000 official vehicles will use Bridgestone tire products, and Bridgestone will also provide bicycles and maintenance services for athletes and staff.

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3000 vehicles provided by Bridgestone for the fleet

In addition, Bridgestone’s seismic isolation technology will provide seismic preparation for the two main venues in Tokyo in 2020-Tokyo Aquatic Center and Ariake Arena.

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Bridgestone will provide a variety of products for the Olympic Games. Among them, the tires are mainly used in the press center and the Toyota pedestrian zone BEV (battery electric vehicle) cutting-edge airless tires.

These non-pneumatic tires have a unique structure that can support the weight of the vehicle in the absence of air, minimizing the risk of tire blowouts and the need for tire inflation.

There are also tires specially designed for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics Toyota MIRAI, which will be used as the leading car for marathon events.

The next-generation Bridgestone Ecopia is equipped with “logic” tires suitable for Toyota LQ electric vehicles, which will also be used as the lead car for the 2020 Tokyo Marathon. This innovative tire improves fuel efficiency through a taller and thinner profile than traditional tire designs.

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Bridgestone specially designed tires for pure electric Toyota e-Palette vehicles

The fuel-efficient, low-rolling resistance Bridgestone Ecopia tires are suitable for Toyota Accessible Traffic (APM) vehicles in Olympic and Paralympic villages.

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