Soaring 16.37%! Scrap tire prices keep positive.

Recently, the waste tire market is very hot, and the price has risen sharply. Taking steel tires above 900 yuan as an example, the lowest price in 2019 is only 750 yuan/ton, and the highest in 2021 is 1290 yuan per ton. In March this year, the highest price of Zouping steel wire tires above 900 yuan reached 1835 yuan/ton, a year-on-year increase of 2019 and 2021. As high as 144.67%, 42.25%.

Some time ago, the recycling price of steel wire above 9.0 inches in some areas even rose to 2,000 yuan / ton.

Especially since the Spring Festival this year, affected by the sharp rise in bulk raw materials, the price of scrap tires has ushered in a sharp rise, with an increase of nearly 20%. The sharp rise is evident.

Scrap tire prices continue to rise

According to the recycled rubber price data on “Jiaoyoutong”, the price of waste tires in most areas is still high. In particular, the price of waste steel wire tires in Yutian in North China reached 1,800.83 yuan per ton, an increase of 253.27 yuan per ton compared with the previous quarter, an increase of 16.37%. The price of Pingyao in North China also reached 1640 yuan / ton.

Although the price of waste steel wire tires in Zouping has dropped to a certain extent, it is still at 1680.7 yuan / ton, and the price is still running at a high level. As the price of raw materials for tire manufacturing is still strong, and the country’s continuous increase in resource recycling and environmental protection, the market demand for scrap tires is still strong. In the recent period, the price of scrap tires will still be on the rise.

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