Rubber soared to ¥15,000, and the prices of various tire raw materials rose together

With the gradual improvement of the epidemic situation and the gradual resumption of work in various cities, although there is still a big gap between the sales levels in the same period of previous years, the passenger car tire replacement market and the truck and bus tire replacement market are both in a state of bottoming out and recovery. .

According to the international crude oil futures and international rubber spot price chart of My, as of May 31, the price of Yunnan standard rubber latex in the Shanghai spot market was 12,750 yuan/ton, an increase of 1.19% from 12,600 yuan/ton in mid-May. 12,400 yuan / ton in the same period of the month rose 2.82%.

In terms of crude oil, as of May 31, Brent crude oil futures were quoted at US$115.60/barrel, up 3.18% from US$112.04/barrel in mid-May, and up 7.78% from US$107.26/barrel in the same period last month.

In addition, synthetic rubber rose sharply due to high crude oil prices. According to Longzhong information, last week (May 27-June 2) the domestic ex-factory price of styrene-butadiene rubber continued to rise, the mainstream increase was 300 yuan/ton, and the domestic high-shun-butadiene rubber ex-factory price rose widely.

As one of the important raw materials of tires, the price of rubber is enough to control the price of tire products.

It is known that China domestic natural rubber has been delayed due to the continuous delay of the rubber tapping day in Hainan, and the shortage of thick milk spot has intensified the shortage of glue supply in domestic production areas. Superimposed on the recent high rainfall, the purchase price of Yunnan thick latex factory’s glue has risen sharply recently.

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