Peeling and cracking! Yokohama has received a lot of complaints.

Recently, on a complaint platform, an owner from Mazda Encairra complained that the new car’s Yokohama tires had cracked in two places in less than half a year.

Yokohama was originally called Yokohama Tire. It was established in 1917. After entering China in 2001, it provided supporting services to many OEMs, including Japanese automakers such as Dongfeng Nissan, Dongfeng Honda, Guangzhou Honda, Guangzhou Automobile Toyota, and FAW Toyota.

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However, in recent years, Yokohama tires have continuously been exposed to quality problems, causing its reputation to plummet. The reporter found through investigation that many car owners had complained about the Yokohama tires used in their vehicles.

The owner of Guangqi Honda Lingpai complained: “(The vehicle) has only been bought for two and a half years, and it has ran a little more than 40,000 kilometers, and the tires are already the same as the rats…” Thousands of kilometers, tires began to peel and scum.”…

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The owner of FAW Hongqi H5 also stated on the complaint platform that when buying a car in February this year, it was equipped with 6 tires of Yokohama, and 5 of them had quality problems, including bulges, cracks, flat tires, etc., and 4S. The shop cannot handle it. At the same time, online complaints about the quality of Yokohama tires of FAW Hongqi H5 models also exist on a large scale, and the problems are also concentrated in severe cracking and bulging.

In addition, there have been a large number of complaints from car owners on the Internet that the Yokohama tires equipped with Dongfeng Honda models have serious quality problems such as chipping and cracking, and the number of complaints is increasing day by day, but Yokohama officials have not responded to this. Instead, the solution is to use Dongfeng Honda manufacturer to low-key the extended warranty service for faulty tires in the after-sales link.

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In fact, as early as 2017, Yokohama admitted that its tires used counterfeit products from Japan’s Toray, the world’s largest carbon fiber composite material manufacturer, and some of the problematic products have already flowed into the Chinese market.

It is understood that the false parameter “tire cord” of “tampering” data is the basic material that maintains the shape of the tire. It forms the skeleton of the tire and is related to the safety of the car’s operation.

Previously, Yukihoma Tire’s general manager Sei Kiyoshi said in an interview with the media: From the perspective of our tire company, how do we strive for excellence in the ever-changing market, provide better tires for the market, and continue to serve China’s It is our eternal task to create happiness and wealth for users.

However, in the face of endless quality problems, deteriorating brand reputation, and fierce competition from major tire brands, Yokohama Tire’s future development issues in China can be said to be very difficult.

This article comes from “China Net Car”.

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