TB576 (E2)

OTR tires, Off-road tires, Mobile crane tires.

Excellent Design for High-Speed Mobile Crance Application

  • Straight rib design gives good comfort for high-speed applications.
  • Longitudinal shoulder design provides good traction and ensures even wear.
  • Innovatively designed crown with a stepped stone ejection groove preventing stone pinching and improve the traction.
  • Reinforced ribs connecting with circumferential blocks ensure the overall on the highway and on-off road condition.

TB576 Parameter

SizePly RatingTube (TL/TT)
385/95R24 170F ROAD(14.00R24 )★★★TL
385/95R25 170F ROAD(14.00R25)★★★TL
525/80R25 176F ROAD(20.5R25)--TL

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