Burst! Older brand tires are no longer in production

Recently, the foreign network reported that after Goodyear acquired Cooper Tire, whether Cooper’s brands will be integrated into Goodyear’s product portfolio has been attracting attention.

At the time of the acquisition last year, Goodyear President Rich Kramer said it would keep the Cooper brand in operation and make Cooper a key growth strategy.

But for other Cooper brands, Goodyear has to consider the issue of whether to stay or not. Recently, foreign media discovered that one of Cooper’s brands is no longer in production.

It is understood that in early 2022, Cooper’s brand Dick Cepek (Chinese translation: Dick Cepek) brand was quietly phased out, and the company no longer sold Dick Cepek tires.

Meanwhile, the Dick Cepek website displays “The Undisputed Mickey Thompson” and directs consumers to the Mickey Thompson Tire website.

Goodyear did not respond to a request for comment about the brand being phased out.

It is understood that Dick Cepek focuses on light truck and off-road tires, and is known as the originator of off-road tires in the United States.

Focused on light truck sizes and catering to off-road enthusiasts, the brand was established in 1958 and is named after the brand’s founder, who is considered a pioneer in the off-road industry and sport.

In 2000, Max-Trac acquired the remaining assets of Dick Cepek following the bankruptcy of Dick Cepek.

In 2003, Cooper acquired Max-Trac tires, merging the two off-road brands at the same time.

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