How do CST tires do in 2022?

Recently, at a meeting, CST Tire revealed some plans for 2022.

1. The enterprise harvests a large order

Luo Yongli, vice president of Zhengxin, revealed that the company has received an order for a new type of electric scooter designated tires from a major European manufacturer, which will be shipped in January 2022; it has also been awarded the tire supplier of the Australian Karting Association, and Maxxis tires will start in 2022. , available for five years.

As for the new Yunlin bicycle tire factory, Luo Yongli said that Zhengxin invested 2.39 billion yuan to build a bicycle tire factory in the third factory of Yunlin Douliu. bicycle tires, in order to expand the production capacity of bicycle tires, which are ready to be exported to the world.

2. Invest 2.34 billion yuan to build a new factory

In addition, Zhengxin plans to invest 2.34 billion yuan to build an ATV tire factory in the third factory of Yunlin Douliu. Since the current ATV tire production capacity is sufficient, the company decided to build a bicycle tire factory first, and then build a bicycle tire factory. Build an ATV tire factory.

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3. Power electric tires

In addition, this year, Gogoro will join hands with Hero, the largest manufacturer of locomotives in India, to form a joint venture in India to operate a smart battery exchange network, and jointly develop the Hero brand Powered by Gogoro Network (PBGN) electric scooter.

In this regard, Zhengxin Vice President Liao Zhengyao said that Gogoro’s electric tires and Hero’s general locomotive tires are the company’s customers, and have the advantage of negotiating supply, and stressed that the company will not lag behind other manufacturers in the supply of electric tires.

4. Electric bus tires may be supplied

As for Hon Hai’s active leadership of the MIH Alliance, since Zhengxin is also one of the alliance manufacturers, it has the opportunity to negotiate the supply of tires. In this regard, the legal person stated that Zhengxin’s Taiwan factory and Xiamen Haiyan factory both produce radial tires for large trucks and buses, which have a competitive advantage and have the opportunity to qualify as a tire supplier for MIH electric buses in the future.

Zhengxin Group currently has ATV tire factories, only Changhua Xizhou factory and mainland Xiamen Zhengxin factory. Zhengxin’s ATV tire sales in the United States in 2021 will be good, and its main customers include American Japanese manufacturers Honda, Yamaha, and American Polaris and many other ATV customers.

5. Grab the opportunity in the repair tire market for Tesla’s electric vehicles

Li Hongge, vice president of Zhengxin, emphasized that the company intends to seize the business opportunities in the repair tire market of Tesla electric vehicles in 2022. In addition, major manufacturers such as Polaris and Tesla are currently planning to launch electric ATV cases. Actively negotiate the supply of electric ATV tires.

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