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Group Profile

Shuangwang Group is headquartered in the junction of the “Yellow and Blue National Strategy”—Guangrao County, Dongying, enjoying abundant resources, beautiful scenery and convenient transportation. With the rapid development of Chinese economy, Guangrao County develops into China’s first largest county in import and export amount. Shuangwang Group has developed from a rubber enterprise into a group enterprise engaged in various fields. The subsidiaries include Shandong Shuangwang Rubber Co., Ltd., Shandong Luistone Wheels Co., Ltd., Shandong Fuyu Chemical Co., Ltd.


Our Concept:Pragmatism, Innovation, Harmony, Reciprocity

Our Spirit:Credit Oriented, Quality First

Our Policy:Market Oriented, Benefit Centered, Survival by Quality, Development by Credit

Work Style:Attitude Decides Everything, Details Determine Success or Failure

Code of Conduct:Practical & Realistic

Employment Principle:The Capable can be Promoted, the Mediocre will be Eliminated, the Ordinary should be Subordinated

System Standard:Performance assessment, reward according to contributions, the contributor is rewarded, reward the diligent and punish the lazy

Service Standard:Professional quality, sincere service, pursue efficiency, reciprocity

Leader`s Speech

We have gone through trials and hardships and made great achievements in the past ten years. We have made painstaking efforts and developed from a workshop into a leading enterprise in domestic rubber industry and a group enterprise now. Please allow me to express our heartfelt thanks to friends from all sectors of society who provide great support and show care and our diligent staff.

Only by confidence and efforts can the individual make achievements, especially true for the enterprise. The enterprises face fierce market competition. We are full of confidence in the environment with co-existence of competition and development, opportunity and challenge. We do solid work and make unremitting efforts. Confidence and efforts are the foundation of development. Every member show humanity and wisdom in life and work, and our partners will be more confident to embrace the future. Confidence and efforts are our wealth and value as well as the driving force and belief for providing customers with high-quality products. The excellent thought comes from outstanding culture. Respect is the essence of corporate culture. The mechanism of “Fair Competition, Talent First” is the core element for support of enterprise development. We’d like to provide the ambitious young people with an excellent work environment and a stage for giving full display to talent so that people with both talent and virtue can realize life value and promote further development of Shuangwang Group.

We are steadfast and careful in work and tolerant and honest in life, and pursue endless development. The utmost sincerity can influence even metal and stone. We will make continuous efforts, pursue first-rate quality and service, and create an enthusiastic, open, sincere and progressive environment. Welcome friends from all walks of life to visit for joint development and create brilliance together.


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