The new policy of the Chinese government has been announced, and many tire companies are in danger!

Recently, China’s Shandong Province issued the “Guiding Opinions on Promoting the Green, Low-Carbon and High-Quality Development of the “Two High” Industries.

The “Opinions” propose that by the end of 2022, the equipment of key measuring instruments in various industries such as tires and steel will be completed.

The core of this opinion is that the government will conduct real-time monitoring and collection of the core data of energy-consuming and polluting enterprises, including tire enterprises.

And the monitoring data of the energy efficiency transformation process and energy efficiency transformation effect of the enterprise will be used as an important basis for the assessment and evaluation of energy efficiency transformation. From this point of view, Shandong government tire companies have become more stringent in the supervision of energy consumption and emissions.

In addition, the “Notice on Resolutely Curbing the Blind Development of “Two High” Projects and Promoting High-quality Allocation and Utilization of Energy Resources” issued by the Shandong Provincial Government also mentioned that projects that do not meet the mandatory energy consumption quota and energy efficiency standards will be retrofitted within a time limit. Promote or eliminate clearing.
These documents all mean that the Shandong government is managing the tire industry with an iron fist.

At present, China’s tire industry is in the overlapping period of the collapse of tire factories and the expansion of high-quality tire projects. In this case, if major tire companies want to develop for a long time, they must not only improve their innovation and technology, but also pay attention to green development to continuously enhance the level of green design and improve environmental performance.
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